Baby Shower

Baby Shower come from USA, this is a party in honor of baby and mother. Cakes, gifts, games and happiness to have a very good time. You will just have to spoil the mother during a very girly and flashy tea party. You will keep fabulous memories of this party with Pauline & Mehdi.


Baby Shower planner


  • If you are the father  and if you don’t know anything about pregnancy and baby, do not hesitate to call Pauline & Mehdi to organize a Baby Shower. If you are sisters, mother, friends and if you don’t have enough time to organize a baby shower, Pauline & Mehdi can do it for you.
  • After talking with you about mother tastes, Pauline will be able to propose you some decoration ideas.
  • We will exchange about mother personality and offer games ideas.


Baby shower organisation

During our first meeting (email, phone, skype), we will exchange to understand your needs and expectations. And so, propose you an appropriate service.


Tea Party + Photo Shoot 

Pauline and Mehdi propose you to share a girl’s moment of sharing. We will cook you some snack, tea, coffee, chocolate. And after that, we can start the photo shoot.

We have prepared photo shoot theme in order to decorate the studio.


Beauty cares + Photo Shoot

INSTITUT BEAUTE GOURMANDEWe work with “Beauté Gourmande” Institute. They have very girly and cocooning place.

During the beauty party, you choose your nail’s care, your body’s care, your hair’s care, to have your personalized party.

Pauline & Mehdi will be here to shoot your beauty party and Mélanie & Carole will prepare you a tea or coffee with snack.


The D Day  

A good photographer have to be understated. We really want you to go through your day without disturb you. I stay available for you and yours guests. Anybody can ask me anytime to make pictures. If i need your attention, i will discretly tell you.



In few days (no more than one week), we will give you all the pictures on online private gallery (protected by password to share with your friends). All photos had been processed one by one.

If you have time, we can organize a last meeting to watch pictures together.