Baby’s coming

You are pregnant ? Or one of your friends is pregnant? You absolutely have to organize a pregnancy photo shoot.

The best time to do it is between seventh and eighth month. A lot of mum want to wait the ninth month to have the biggest womb. This is very risky! The baby will not warn to come and it would be a pity to miss the pregnancy photo shoot because of baby premature arrival.

At eight months pregnant and with appropriate dress, your womb will be perfectly exploit. No need to wait one week before birth.


Photo shoot organisation

During our first meeting (email, phone, skype), we will exchange to understand your needs and expectations. And so, propose you an appropriate service.

Before the photo shoot, Pauline & Mehdi will look ideas sticking on your tastes and you will choose them together.



In few days (no more than one week), we will give you all the pictures on online private gallery (protected by password to share with your friends). All photos had been processed one by one.

If you have time, we can organize a last meeting to watch pictures together.