For a company, the customer’s first impression has to be perfect on the first view. Call Pauline & Mehdi for all your projects.

Company trusting us
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Trombinoscope, Packshot,Premises

The first visual contact of the company would be done throughout pictures of your employees, your premises, your products. This is essential to attract new clients in any sector (food service, real estate, agriculture, art, show, journalism, fashion, health, sport…etc.).

Post profesional pictures of you and your company will allow you to make the first good impression.


Photo Report throughout seminar and company party 

The second contact would be done throughout photos report took at company events. These pictures will be more than a photo, it will be a real way to communicate on your team, customer and supplier.


Company Party on Health with Photoshoot

We work with « Beauté Gourmande » institute. They have very girly and cocooning institute. We also have a hairdresser coming when you choose Makeup + Hairdressing service.

For the purpose of beeing in your enquiries and budget, we let you choose yours services :

-one part Nail Fashion with Carole: Nails beauty ? Hands beauty ? Nail varnishing ? Feet beauty?

-one part Esthetics with Mélanie: Face care ? Body care? Makeup ? Depilations?

-one part Photoshoot with Pauline and Mehdi

-one part Hairdressing

When Carole take care of the first lady, Mélanie take care of an other one, Pauline et Mehdi shoot some others, and the others have a snack. Each girl change of workshop during all the party. In this way, no one get bored !


Company Party on Sport with photo journalism

We work with Com’on Gyro who offer funny and innovated activities with segway.

Com'On GYRO CaenGourmet tour on Segway : after segway initiation, you will taste regional product walking down the streed metting local merchants. Cheese, wine, calvados…etc.

Simple tour on Segway : discover street without effort. The ninebot segway is perfect to discover street with fun.

During the tour, we are on our own segway. We will alternate photo report during your tour and photo shoot near cathedral or castles.


Company Party on Interactive games and Sport with photo journalism

We work with HighTech 2 Move who offer exergaming: this is a combination of video games and sports. We will go through a multi sensory experience in a very safe and air conditioning area. Their activities apply to all generations to have a good time with your team (challenges, team competition).

–> Your photographers Pauline et Mehdi will follow you with photo journalism during your gaming and with a photo shoot during the cocktail or the meeting.


Our differents services

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