Welcome and make yourself at home …


Pauline et Mehdi, 30 years old, photos lovers since childhood, work together in France and all around the world.

They are graduated of Business School in Lille and Paris, so they are able to give you high quality services and to speak french, english and spanish.

True globe-trotters, they never stOp looking for inspiration all around the world. That why they create ever more artistic photos.


Mehdi is a true artist, he always have million ideas to composate beautiful and original pictures. He will be responsible for taking photos the d day in hapiness.


Pauline is the brain behing the team. She is well-organized that’s why she perfectly manage the company.

She is the one who listen to you, who provide you quotation and advise, who planify the d day with you, who look for pictures ideas for you. In others words, she will be on you side during all months before the d day expecting everything be perfect.


Working together allow them to be efficient and reactive. They work in joy and in good mood. They really care in meet you by skype or metting because there is no beautiful pictures without good feeling !

Pauline and Mehdi Photographie want to offer personalized services. That’s why they do not impose options. We create it together to have your own service.


Go around the website to discover their world and do not hesitate to contact them in Contact Index.