Photography Courses

Control your camera thanks to our photography courses

You just buy a camera or somebody offer you a camera? And it’s not so easy you thinking! So you try to read camera’s manual and it’s not more easy.

We are photography fanatics and professional photographer for many years and let us tell you that if you don’t know how to use your camera you will never done beautiful pictures.

So that we propose you to give you one or several photography courses on that point:

-how to use a camera (very basic) ?

-how to adjust luminosity and understand it?

-how to make focus on one or several persons or objects?

-how to shoot moving model?


Camera test before buying one

If you want to try a camera before buying it, it’s possible with us. We have three different reflex cameras. You can test them and see which one you prefer ! Do not buy too expensive camera if you just use it in holidays for exemple. It’s not easy to trust camera seller because they want to sell the most expensive one to win money 😉

We will talk about your needs and so we will be able to recommend camera and camera lens to you.