The wedding

Your guests will be dressed up, everybody you love will be there to share your magic union. This is our big deal : be at the level of your wedding and immortalize it. That’s why this is important to choose a professional photographer to be proud of pictures of you.


First contact and organisation

During our initial contact (email, phone, skype, meeting…), we will talk about your needs and your plans. After that, we will be able to propose you a quotation according to your requirements and your budget. We never impose any type of service, we create your own service.

Then, we organise together the session so that the pictures will reflect your personality, your theme. We will propose you some pictures ideas to target your style.

During weeks before the wedding, we will give you all of our expertise, experiment and advise.

We also establish the d day program step by step to be sure to not forget any moment.

Finally, we will choose the final pictures we will do the d day.


The D Day  

A good photographer have to be understated. We really want you to go through your day without disturb you to know what happen next.

During ceremony and cocktail, we will make photo report. It’s like photo journalism, i will capture good moment between your guests : smile, laughter, kiss, discussion.

I stay available for you and yours guests. Anybody can ask me anytime to make pictures.

If i need your attention, i will discretly tell you.

During couple photo shoot or group photo shoot, you will have to pose for the photographer. But do not panic ! We prepared the sessions together. We chose pictures ideas together. So we will never ask you to strike a pose you’re not confortable with.

You understand that exchange and meeting is very important for us.



In few days (no more than one week), we will give you all the pictures on online private gallery (protected by password to share with your friends). All photos had been processed one by one.

If you have time, we can organize a last meeting to watch pictures together.

Pauline et Mehdi Photographie, gagnant Wedding Awards 2017

Our work